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“My Father is a Monster”, Says R Kelly’s Daughter, Joanne “Buku Abi” Kelly

Since the release of the documentary Lifetime entitled “Surviving R Kelly” aired early January in the United States, many have expressed their opinion against the legend of RnB, R Kelly, accused of sexually abusing several underage girls.

Many of his victims who are now adults, appeared in the documentary to share their suffering in their relationship with the singer.

Andrea Kelly, the singer’s wife, is one of them. His daughter Joanne “Buku Abi” Kelly finally broke the silence on the charges. According to her, they also had their share of abuse being her children.

Joanne Kelly has on his Instagram account denounced the actions of his father, saying he is in solidarity with all his victims. 


“For people who feel that I should speak / say something against everything that’s happening right now, I just want you to understand that the word ‘devastated’ is a euphemism for all that I’m feeling right now. I apologize if my silence on everything that happens suggests that it is careless. This is my last intention. I pray for all families and women affected by my father’s actions. Believe me, I was deeply affected by all this, “she wrote.
Joann Kelly continues her long message by explaining that she is no longer in contact with her father for several years. “Neither my sister, nor my brother, nor my mother,” she assures. “My mother, my siblings, and I would never tolerate, support, or be a part of anything he would have done negative and continue to do in his life. By going through all that I have lived in my life, I would not want anyone to feel the pain that I felt, “she continued. And to denounce his father as the “monster” he is. “I know who he is and who he is. I grew up in this house. I made the choice not to talk about him and what he does for my peace of mind. My emotional state and for MY healing. I have to do things and go ahead in the way that suits me best. I pray that anyone who reads this will understand that I put only good intention behind every word, “she added. She concludes her note by thanking all the people, known or anonymous, who have supported her family.


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