“My daughter is terrified”, Meghan Markle’s Father Makes New Revelations

Thomas Markle has just made new revelations about the life of his daughter Meghan Markle’s life. This time, Prince Harry’s father-in-law reveals the basics of his daughter’s royal life.

Thus, Thomas Markle is convinced that the American has a lot of trouble integrating into the royal family. According to him, her transition from TV to royalty is not easy for her, because it happens according to him, to see “the pain in her smile”.

This new revelation about the emotional state of her daughter has moved the canvas. At the Meghan wedding, his father had not attended for, he says, medical reasons. In this new statement, he expresses his deep concern over the pressure on his daughter’s new life.

In addition to that, Thomas Markle mentioned the “painful smile” of his dear daughter.


“What I think of my daughter is that she is terrified. I can see it in her eyes, I see it on her face and I see it in her smile. I saw her smile for years. I know her smile. I do not like the one I see now, “he told a British media outlet.

Yet, some note, it can not be said that the Duchess of Sussex displays a malaise. Moreover, during her last public appearances, we feel very happy with Prince Harry.

People: "My daughter is terrified", Meghan Markle's father makes new revelations


People: "My daughter is terrified", Meghan Markle's father makes new revelations

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