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“My Dad Discouraged Me From Acting But Later Admitted His Error” – Nigerian-British Actor, David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo, Nigerian-British actor, says his father dissuaded him from acting when he was starting out in the movie industry.

Oyelowo said his father, Stephen, reacted like a typical Nigerian parent when he made his intention known to him.

The ‘Gringo’ actor said it was a great victory when Stephen eventually admitted that “he was wrong” to initially discourage him

“Well, I can’t think of any Nigerian parent of that generation who would hear those words and be wide-armed at the prospect,” he said in a chat with BBC Africa.

“I am glad to say that several years into my career, my dad couldn’t be prouder and has admitted that he was wrong to dissuade me. That is one of my greatest victories.

“I am trying to find ways to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Nollywood, and to show an international audience that Nigerian characters, Nigerian content is something that audiences want to see.”


The actor recently announced that he would fund the education of five Nigerian girls who survived the Boko Haram insurgency in the north-east.

The initiative, he said, will be done by the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship programme.


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