Must Watch: Black Mother Violently Beats Up Her 16-Yr-Old daughter for Posting ‘Explicit Pictures’ with Boyfriend on Facebook

It all began when 16-year-old Nia Green posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend, wearing nothing but a towel on her Facebook page. The mum got to see it and decided her daughter deserved to be taught a lesson she would never forget. She live streamed herself beating her as punishment.

She first took over Nia’s Facebook page and started a live video stream. Then with after more than   4,000 viewers, she started beating her with a piece o f plywood and her bare hands.

 Photo of Nia’s mum

The video started with the mother saying:

“You wanna hide this boy in my f***ing house,” Green’s mother shouts before hitting her daughter.

She then instructs an unseen third-party to keep filming as she beats Nia’s face, abdomen and head repeatedly.

“This is what you want,” the woman yells before smacking her child on the face. I thought it was my period,” Nia tearfully answers,

The mother then punches her on the stomach before saying , “You probably got some discharge, with your nasty a**!”
The beating continues until the mother was satisfied. she then walks over to the recording device and claims that she is taking over her daughter’s Facebook profile.
Few minutes after the video went viral, the mother received a lot of backlash from social media users and some human right groups.  She then took to Nia’s facebook page which is now has her picture as the display pic to explain herself. She wrote:

”I love my daughter with all my heart what ever happens after this o well my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody that shit Bernie Mac !!! Ain’t nothing change she still my baby girl 100. lesson learned now have a blessed day it.



A day after the incident Nia, made a post on Facebook , saying that she deserved to be beaten by her mother :

”First Off I Shouldnt Embarrassed My Moma , I Love Her . Yes this is me . Niaaa . I Shouldnt even been doing what i did. No i didnt have vari in my house when she said not to . I was at his house . Im only 16 yrs old . I was gonna open up and tell her that i was having sex . I was just gonna wait a couple days to see how i was gone tell her . I understand why she did what she did . Everybody laughing and making reenactments . Sharing my pictures im seeing everything. I did go to the hospital only because i have exotic attacks & real bad head ache . I embarrassed my moma so she embarrassed me”. Im not defending the live video cas when school start next week all eyes on me . Im at work all eyes on me . I know next time to just keep my business to myself.



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