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Must Read: The Scathing Response of Sergio Ramos to Diego Maradona

Denigrated by Diego Maradona, who does not consider him a “crack”, Sergio Ramos did not fail to respond to the Argentine.

The answer was not long in coming. True to his character, Diego Maradona had launched the first spade the day before. “I do not want to create controversy, but I have to say it. When we talk about cracks, we say: “Ramos is a crack”. No, Godin is a crack, who defends, who directs, who scores, who wins, who does not miss a match … He is a crack, “ he had said in an interview with Telesur.


Asked after the match against Iran (1-0), Sergio Ramos was obviously invited to react to this attack in good standing of the former world champion. And the replica of the Madrid defender was virulent to say the least. Like the Argentinian who did not want to create controversy, the Spanish international was initially restrained. “I respect Maradona because he’s a big guy ,” he explained. And this before supporting where it hurts.

“For me, it’s a crack, but I also say that Argentine football knows that Maradona is light years from the best Argentine player in history, which is Messi,” he added. With his victory at the World Cup in 1986, Diego Maradona refuses indeed to be compared to Lionel Messi, the question of the best Argentine player in history, when it is not that of the best player in history in short, not asking himself in his eyes.


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