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MUST READ: 7 Key Lessons in Leadership

In the picture above, you’ll notice two competitors, both of which compete in track and field. What you’ll notice is that one of the athletes is blind folded, and the other has the word “guide” on his jersey. Why is that? The track and field runner on the left is visually impaired (blind), and the gentlemen on the right is her guide. He navigates her steps while she’s racing.
There are seven very key lessons that this picture teaches us:
1. You are only as good as those who you run with
2. What you are lacking is powerless if you can partner with someone who has what you need
3. Your team is only as effective as your ability to touch and connect with one another
4. Build your team with people who you can trust to guide you when you can’t see and navigate your own way
5. Always surround yourself with people who will celebrate your success even when it doesn’t include them getting the trophy
6. Only build your team around people who can keep up with your momentum and pace
7. Even when you can’t see where you are going, run top speed
Never use your shortcomings as an excuse not to fulfill the vision. If it is yours to do, JUST DO IT!

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