MUST READ: An Open Letter To President Mnangagwa’s Wife, Auxillia Mnangagwa

Open Letter To Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa

As you become the First Lady please remember the following-:

1. Your husband is the President not you

2. Ministers, party members and the support services to the President are not your husbands employees, they are govt employees and party employees

3. Your husband does not own Zimbabwe, he serves Zimbabwe

4. You are not mother to the nation, every Zimbabwean is born of a woman.

5. Stay out of your husbands business. Kubasa kwemurume hakuendwe unomudzingisa basa

6. Retire from politics and further your family businesses. Do not be an economic hazard rather be enterprising and add value to the fiscas


7. Go for grooming lessons, dressing, ettiquette and public speaking. Encourage your husband to drop the kuvukura mantra we do not want to go from a crazy first lady to a crazy president

8. Advise your husband not to occupy the presidency beyond ten years. Politics is a game of succession

9. Be shy of media. Do not court controversy

10. Protect your husband. Banish his face from being worn by other men and women , that’s tantamount to being demigod, they will rise up against him one day

Yours truly,

chief thunder head
General Mckenzie Hawkins..


Written by How Africa

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