MUST READ: Africa’s History Did Not Start With Slavery

Africa’s history did not begin in slavery, and despite the peculiarity, horror, and duration of enslavement of Africans, slavery occupies a minor time-frame. Beyond cotton fields and civil rights in the 120,000 years of African history (0.5% of African history). In the last 50 years much has been done to combat the false and negative views about the history of Africa and Africans, which were developed in Europe in order to justify the Transatlantic Slave Trade and European colonial rule in Africa that followed it. Unfortunately the Eurocentric take on Africa and Eurocentric linguistics has distorted how some African scholars see Africa. Even those claiming to be progressive, discuss Africa as history’s perceptual victim—without any agency. Relegated to a simple disparaging colorblack or Negroid, without even the ability to define anything in realityeven one’s self. But this is how they made Africans into slaves. By destroying/fracturing/interrupting that connection to Africa’s great past, and because there is no connection Africans globally have accepted being thugs and ho*es in someone else’s society. Pimps and dealers as opposed to Sultans and Kings. Builders of drug networks as opposed to builders of civilization. After all “education” shows Africa as nothing more than a primitive place over run by cannibal savages.

Many people have this view of Africa sitting still and being imposed on from outside. They forget that Africa was an active trade partner with Arabia, and China. There is even a special section in Israel for Orthodox Christian Ethiopian monks for 100’s of years for when they make pilgrimage. Africans have been to China before the European— not as slavesbut as partners. Africans discovered Europe before Europe “discovered” us (Islamic Spain etc). History, right now, needs to be put into perspective.

Many have been draining the African historical record by boxing in what is, and what does not constitutes an authentic African experience. Eurocentric terminologies place certain concepts outside of the African domain with this habit of “tribalizing” Africa; dark, pagan, licentious, unorganized, base and emotive. The legacy of washing out Africa’s historical record can be summed up by the racist words of the Scottish philosopher David Hume:

I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the Whites. There scarcely ever was a civilized nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or in speculation. No ingenious manufacture among them, no arts, no sciences Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust David Hume


In the nineteenth century the German philosopher Hegel simply declared ‘ Africa is no historical part of the world. ‘ This openly racist view, that Africa had no history, was repeated by Hugh Trevor-Roper, Regius Professor of History at Oxford University , as late as 1963. The legacy of the African Holocaust has made a profound affect on African studies, where the default attitude is to deny African have contributed anything to what is considered civilization. Africans are playing on a chessboard where all the pieces are white. The volumes of publish works by the Hitler’s of the African Holocaust is impossible for Africans to gain any foothold and authorities stance in their history.” So Ethiopia is a great civilization so it must be “outside of African origin”, Great Zimbabwe, Ancient Egypt, Moorish (Islamic Spain) are categorically denied as having anything African in them.

Africa had a history, long before the Europeans came to our shores. But the Europeans came to our shores and because they were attracted by what those who came first found (in our case it’s gold), and the first European establishment which established in Ghana was established at a place called El Mina, (The Mine), because gold was so abundant and they came with their manufacturing products in exchange for gold. So the Europeans initially came to our country to trade! As partners. It is perhaps the error of the slave trade which changed the perceptions of Europeans about Africans, when our own people were regarded as commodities Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Issac Osei (500 Years Later)


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