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“Muslims Are Not Like Us And Will Never Integrate” – Former Head Of UK EQUALITY Commmission Rips Islam

Former Head of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission Mr. Trevor Phillips has said publicly that Muslims will never integrate for the simple reason that they do not and nor will they ever share the same values as UK citizens and that it was disrespectful to think that they would change. He added that many of the problems in the UK surrounding Islam and many other issues were because of ideas about political correctness and the “racket” of multiculturalism, and that if the UK was to begin to address its problems, it will have to be ready to offend people. Via the UK Daily Mail:

Muslim communities are not like others in Britain and the country should accept they will never integrate, the former head of the equalities watchdog has claimed.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said it was disrespectful to assume that Muslim communities would change.

He told a meeting at the Policy Exchange think tank in Westminster on Monday thatMuslims ‘see the world differently from the rest of us’.


According to The Times, he said: ‘Continuously pretending that a group is somehow eventually going to become like the rest of us is perhaps the deepest form of disrespect.

‘Because what you are essentially saying is the fact that they behave in a different way, some of which we may not like, is because they haven’t yet seen the light. It may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us.’

Mr Phillips added that people of certain backgrounds in the UK are not going to change their views ‘simply because we are constantly telling them that basically they should be like us’.

In a devastating critique of a culture of misguided political correctness, he claimed far too many people felt unable to speak their minds because they feared being branded racist.

Mr Phillips said people would have to become ‘more ready to offend each other’ as the price of free speech, and attacked the ‘racket’ of multiculturalism which took root under Tony Blair’s government.


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