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#MuslimBan: Group To Make ‘Underground Railroad’ For Undocumented Immigrants!!

With the report coming from a group of Staten Island residents, they’ve planned to begin providing safe haven for undocumented immigrants looking for protection from Donald Trump’s deportation orders.


Cesar Vargas, who is the city’s first undocumented lawyer says that 35 people offered to open their homes to their threatened neighbors.

Trump says he will soon begin rapidly deporting 2-3 million “criminal aliens.” This is causing fear and consternation among immigrants without documentation as well as those who support them.

“Many of these immigrant families will not have access to due process,” Vargas stated.

“We’re trying to create an underground railroad-style system to pair up families with immigrants,” he went on.

Vargas says that volunteers come from all walks of life including lawyers and retired police officers.

“It’s incredible to see the response.”



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