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Musik Bi: Senegalese-American Singer Akon Set To Create African iTunes “aTunes”


Akon is in partnership with a Senegalese music streamer, Musik Bi is set to launch an African version of iTunes which he calls “aTunes”.

The Senegalese-American singer who is working towards a revolution in African songs and media as a whole is now set to purchase 50% of Musik Bi.

Akon wants to make it a brand that can compete with global competitors.

“The music catalogue is Senegalese music but my goal for it is to expand it beyond Senegal.”

“Of course it is going to be a platform for Africa in general to be able to distribute your music, purchase music and be able to stream music as well.”

According to the singer and patriotic African, it is most likely that the entertainment business in Africa outweighs those done in the United States. He says the difference between both sides may not be determined because of Africa’s lack of record.

One of the songs contained on the music streamer, Musik Bi is Akon’s single, Khalice, featuring Youssou N’Dour. Akon describes the international Senegalese singer as one of his all time favorite music idols.

Without a doubt, Akon has clearly indicated interest in seeing a better Africa. More than words, he has taken steps to ensure that the bright future he dreams for Africa comes to life by contributing his own quota.


Musik Bi

On several occasions he has displayed a passionate and optimistic attitude towards the African media. A while ago, during the Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017, Akon urged African entertainers and the press to redefine Africa’s misrepresented image in the international community.

In his words:

“To me the value is in Africa, I don’t see why you would risk your life to cross overseas when you could get more being in Africa.”

“The value is here. So when you look at the diaspora, their focus is in the wrong place. So we are trying to get them back to focus on investing back in Africa and building Africa in the way it needs to be built.”

In his interview with BBC Africa over the Musik Bi deal, Akon makes reference to the Khalice single. As portrayed in the video he intends to motivate African youths especially, to keep working hard and the be the best they can be while at it.

He believes the great potentials of the continent will be realized with the vibrancy and talent of the present day generation. Akon wants more young people to see more opportunities in Africa and invest in them.


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