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MUSIC: Top 10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Legendary Singer, Bob Marley. (+Video)

Legendary singer


A few days ago, the death of the reggae icon Robert Nesta Marley, the undisputed master of Jah’s music, was commemorated. If it disappeared 36 years ago today, millions of people around the world ignore several important details of the life of this legend. We have retained through our colleagues from africanews 10 important little-known points of Bob Marley’s life

1) Bob Marley was a welder

Very few people know, but Bob Marley’s first job was not music but rather welding. Bob Marley was a welder even though he was not very good at this activity. The future star of reggae even missed losing his left eye by handling a piece of molten metal. As a result of this work accident, the young Robert decides to go into the music with the success that we know.

2) In 1972, Bob Marley had recorded 350 songs

Although it was still successful. Bob Marley had in 1972, 350 tubes registered to his credit. Very nice inspiration. Indeed, a few years earlier, in 1969, he had worked in the United States at the Chrysler factory for a living.

3) It was Eric Clapton who imported his music in the West

In 1973, Eric Clapton picked up “I shot the sheriff”, which would help promote the artist out of his small island in Jamaica. It was a real springboard for Bob: two years later, No Woman No Cry became known and became his first international success.

4) Bob Marley was the victim of an attack, 7 balls

In 1976, in Kingston, six armed men disembarked at his home and fired. His wife Rita is hit in the head but miraculously fails, while he receives seven balls, one in the arm, one in the chest and five in the thigh. His manager is also injured. It is suspected that members of the pro-American extreme right party, the JLP, were responsible for the attack. Two days later, with his bandages, Bob Marley gives the Smile Jamaica concert planned in Kingston: his more than symbolic presence shows him determined to stand up against the violence.

5) He reconciled two long-time enemies

In 1978, at a concert of One Love One Peace, Bob Marley succeeded in shaking hands with two political opponents: Edward Seaga of JPL, and Michael Manley, Prime Minister. A few days later, the Senegalese delegation to the United Nations awarded it the Third World Peace Medal.

6) Bob Marley came out with Miss World 1976

One thing undeniable is that Bobby was a man of women, and he had the most beautiful: Miss Monde, elected in 1976, Jamaican-born Cindy Breakspeare maintained an affair with the rasta which resulted in the birth of the young Damian, the last son of the star, in 1978. And for her, he wrote the beautiful song Turn your light down.

7) Bob Marley was a football fan

”  Football is an art, a whole universe. I love him because you have to be an artist to practice it. I need it, football is freedom “. Bob Marley spoke of his favorite sport, which he knew so well: ”  Body shuffles, leg movements, double start, controls in motion, dribbling and head play, he had all the vocabulary of the footballer High level, “says Francis Dordor, journalist author of the biography Bob Marley Destin of a rebellious soul who has rubbed shoulders with the star. It was a foot injury in a game in Paris that allowed Bob to discover that he was breaking a melanoma …

8) Bob Marley great amateur of BMW


Bob Marley said, ”  I have a BMW because it means Bob Marley and The Wailers, not because it’s a high-end car .” For more information, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, ”  Bavarian Engine Manufactory  ” in French.

9) Bob Marley reportedly had between 11 and 40 children

The number of children of Bob Marley is the object of all the fantasies: officially, the singer recognized eleven, of seven different women. Like him, several have opted for a musical career including Ziggy and Damian, the two best known. Rohan is famous for being the husband of Lauryn Hill.

10) His first known song is Judge Not

In 1962, Bob Marley was 17 years old, living with his mother poorly. One day, he meets the producer Leslie Kong of Beverley’s label which makes him sing on the radio this song now very famous, but passed unnoticed at the time.

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