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Mum Leaves Her Children Alone For 5 Minutes And THIS Happened!!

A mother who left her children for about five minutes to do some ironing returned to a very funny scene.


The video of a UK mum who left her three-year-old and 16-month-old daughters with some powder appeared online.

By the time she returned, both kids were covered in the Talk powder. The mother said, “I was in my bedroom putting washing away and ironing for about 5 minutes.Could hear them both giggling so I knew they were okay so I carried on with ironing.”



“I came out of the room with my phone on record and this was the outcome. When I asked Esme what happened she pointed the finger at Bibi.”

The viral video is one of the many that proves that when kids are left alone for even a second, a lot of mischiefs can take place.

What crazy thing have you ever witness a kid do?


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