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Multichoice Plans To Test ‘Dishless’ Streaming Services

MultiChoice Group will probably launch its standalone “dishless” streaming product by March 2020, Niclas Ekdahl, Connected Video CEO of Multichoice has revealed to Techcentral.

MultiChoice has offered streaming service for several years, but access to it remains tied to a DTH subscription.

However, Ekdahl has said that the company is now in a favourable position to launch dishless streaming services.

“MultiChoice has greatly improved the DStv Now offering in the past year, with the company placing a huge emphasis on improving the user experience and introducing new features such as personal recommendations, watchlists and user profiles.”

Niclas Ekdahl, Connected Video CEO of Multichoice

According to Ekdahl, the company has made significant progress in developing the use of broadband connections rather than satellites and will soon open it to external testers.


The company had previously said it hoped to launch it commercially by the end of 2019. But, at the moment, DStv ‘dishless’ streaming product has only been tested internally.

Wider testing for ‘dishless’ streaming

Although Ekdahl declined to say whether the dishless product will have its own brand, he revealed that they wanted to do proper user testing in a real live environment.

“We still want to do proper user testing in a real live environment, but the chances of launching by the end of March are pretty good.”

Niclas Ekdahl, Connected Video CEO of Multichoice

Speaking on the risk streaming services posed to traditional satellite services, Ekdahl said that he believes they can grow in both.

“We can grow in both — there is a dual-growth opportunity. The risk of cannibalisation will always be there, but if that’s going to happen, we’d rather risk doing it to ourselves than someone else doing it to us.”

Niclas Ekdahl, Connected Video CEO of Multichoice

MultiChoice currently offers streams in up to 1080p resolution and according to Ekdahl is already talking to content providers about securing 4K content.


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