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‘MUHAMMAD ALI’: Widow To Receive Double The Inheritance Awarded To His Kids!!

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Muhammad Ali’s older daughter has hit back at claims the family are at war over the boxing legend’s $80 million estate. It was previously reported that Ali’s widow Lonnie was set to receive double the inheritance awarded his kids.

Ali died aged 74 last June, leaving his vast fortune to be divided between his widow and his nine children. Sources claimed many of the children — who they claimed hate each other — were left angry over the settlement. But Maryum ‘May May’ Ali, Muhammad’s oldest daughter with Belinda Boyf, hit out at the claims calling them “untrue.”

“My father raised me and my siblings to love each other and that is exactly who we are,” she exclusively told the “Very loving people. We are not in any feuds with each other or with our stepmother, Lonnie.”

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The Daily Mail originally reported that Ali’s seven daughters and two sons had been left about $6 million each in the settlement. Lonnie is said to get double what the kids have — and some of Ali’s offspring are allegedly not pleased.

According to a source, when Ali died, some of his children “sucked up to Lonnie just to get as much as they can, but the truth is that they all did it – then accused the other siblings of doing it. Once money is in the bank it looks like they will cut all ties with each other but not before their true feelings are aired.”

When Lonnie appeared on the TODAY show last August, she said her late husband died’ distressed’ because of the problems in the world. Lonnie said: “He was pretty distressed especially by some of the things going on around the world because he felt we had crossed a line, crossed a barrier and he was a little disappointed with that. But Muhammad was a man of eternal optimism, he believed in the power of humanity and that is what he touched in most people.”

Meanwhile, daughter Maryum says rumors about she and her family fighting over her father’s money are “unfortunate.”

“We try to ignore these articles, but they seem to be never-ending, which is sad because I know I have some wonderful siblings that simply want to live peaceful lives,” she said, adding: “The terms of the Trust is confidential and is not the business of the public.”



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