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Mugabe’s Sons Reportedly Moved To Study In South Africa Amid Security Concerns!!

Mugabe’s Sons Reportedly Moved To Study In South Africa


President Mugabe’s sons have reportedly been removed from Dubai and Zimbabwe. Both have now been relocated to neighboring country, South Africa.

Bellarmine Chatunga who was in Zimbabwe and Robert Peter Mugabe Jnr who was previously based in Dubai have been moved to neighboring South Africa amid security concerns.

The Zimbabwe Independent reports that Mugabe’s sons have been in SA since the beginning of the year.

Zimbabweans who can afford to, have neglected local education and health facilities in favor of foreign ones. Mugabe’s family admittedly stated that the reason for the relocation of Robert Jnr and Chatunga is for educational purposes as well as a better life. This is despite Mugabe’s calls for citizens to stop migrating and complaining and work harder.

Although the real reason Robert Jnr was removed from Dubai is still unknown, Chatunga is said to have been transferred in order to have him focus on his studies. The relocation of Mugabe’s sons will nonetheless require strong security measures as kids of prominent Zimbabweans have died in SA as a result of ‘mysterious circumstances’.

“There are serious security concerns because Zimbabweans flood the retail, entertainment and recreational facilities, especially restaurants and clubs, in South Africa; particularly Joburg, so wherever they (Robert Jnr and Chatunga) go, they are likely to be served by Zimbabweans,” a source close to the First Family said.

“South Africa is generally unsafe not just for ordinary people, but also for wealthy families. Children of local prominent people have died in mysterious circumstances there.”

The unfavorable economic, social and political situation in Zimbabwe has caused millions of Zimbabweans to seek refuge in South Africa. With over five million Zimbabweans living in SA, Zimbabweans make up the highest group of migrants living in South Africa.

The South African government is not unaware of the illegal migrants, especially Zimbabweans living in South Africa. All Zimbabweans who did not acquire permits under the 2010 Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project (DZP) will be deported soon.

“We want to make it categorically clear that all Zimbabweans who failed to acquire permits in 2010 during the DZP will with effect from October be deported from our country,

“Any foreigner found in our country without a proper permit or travel document is an illegal immigrant and will be deported forthwith and this does not only apply to Zimbabweans, but all foreign nationalities,” Home Affairs director-general Mr Mkuseli Apleni said this week.

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