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Mugabe System Still in Place With Mnangagwa at the Helm

MDC Alliance official Descent Bajila has said the systems of former President Robert Mugabe are still intact with President Emmerson Mnanggwa at the helm.

He said those who are haunted by the terror of their past, always think that anyone who disagrees with them does so because they want to bring back the past.

He said they are so scared about the past that any talk of it gets them jittery and livid at the same time.

“When they got opposed by the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai, they said “he wants to bring back white people to the farms “. By now we know who wants to bring back white people to the farms. They created a problem and now want to be seen as heroes who brought the solution,” he said.


“Now they’re getting fierce opposition from the MDC ALLIANCE, they are back to their default fear of the past. They’re now saying “the MDC ALLIANCE wants to bring back Mugabes “. However we all know who the real friends of Mugabe are. They still have wardrobes full of Mugabe stamped regalia at their homes. They’re proud of what Mugabe did to them and the country at large. However because they are masters of pretence, they will pretend as if Mugabe single handedly led Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and all the atrocities from 18 April 1980 to 15 November 2017. They all pretend to be new born babies.”

Bajila said Robert Mugabe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is Robert Mugabe.

“What’s gone is Mugabe the person but Mugabe the system remains. Mugabe the system consumed Mugabe the man. Now the system manifests itself through revival of old friendships with British conservatives, opening of penniless banks, signing of deal less deals, paying lip service to the fight against corruption by taking no action against known corrupt people, collusion with independent commissions, bombings and rally beatings. All these are manifestations of Mugabe the system. The Mugabeists in Zanu PF want to keep every bit of Mugabeism but pretend to donate their man to the opposition,” he said.


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