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Mugabe Refuses to Endorse Emmerson Mnangagwa

Former President Robert Mugabe has reportedly refused to endorse Emmerson Mnangagwa.

A report quotes the leader of the National Patriotic Front, Ambrose Mutinhiri saying Mugabe is concerned with the killing of police officers and CIO agents previously aligned to him. The report in the weekly Standard has Mugabe cited while saying,

“ED thinks I am an idiot.

“How does he think I believe their claim that they are about upholding the legacy of the president, my legacy, when I’m down because of them and when they have been dragging me in the mud?


People, especially in Zanu PF, want honest holders of the legacy of the president and they condemn hypocrisy, they condemn military brutality against the people.”

Mugabe went on to say: “ED says he wants me to endorse him, what will I be endorsing? Hypocrisy? Brutality against the people?

The killing and battering of children (CIO and police officers) who worked with me? No, no, no; I’m not an idiot.”


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