Mugabe Must Face The ICC For The Killing Of 20,000 Ndebeles- Ex Minister, Alfred Ndhlovu


No, it is not yet over for fallen dictator Robert Mugabe, he must face the law for the massacre of 20,000 Ndebeles in the infamous Gukurahundi killings of the 80s, says former Transport and Communication Deputy Minister Alfred Ndhlovu.

A report indicating that Mugabe planned the assassination of 20,000 Ndebeles has emerged.

The Zimbabwean Army forced Mugabe to step down after he fired and replaced his long time lieutenant Emerson Mnanangwa with his wife Grace as Vice President of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe as since been replaced by Mnanangwa, popularly known as Crocodile.

It was agreed that the former ZANU-PF leader’s immunity would not be removed for prosecution in the corruption and crime against humanity cases.


His loyalists are however, dancing to the tune of the law.

When reached for a comment, Ndhlovu said the massacre of 20,000 by Mugabe and his forces cannot go unpunished.

He said Mugabe, who is known to have seven lives of a cat must face the International Criminal Court(ICC) for prosecution and possible conviction like many other world leaders who have been found wanting for sins against humanity.

Ndhlovu described Mugabe as a murderer, who deserves to be sent to jail.

“Mugabe must face the ICC for the massacre of 20,000 Ndebeles, three years after he was confirmed Zimbabwean President. That killing brought disunity in Zimbabwe and things would never be the same again,” Ndhlovu added that the gukurahundi massacre has contributed to Ndebeles not taking part in active politics of Zimbabwe.

“Most of the surviving Ndebeles fled the country to neighboring countries to seek refugee. This is a reason why you don’t see Ndebeles taking active role in the politics of Zimbabwe,” Ndhlovu said.


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