Ghana Is Still The same ‘Undeveloped State’ It Was When I Met My wife Sally In the 60s – President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe disagreed and said Ghana is still the same undeveloped state it was when he met his wife Sally in the 1960s

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe has mocked Ghana’s development during a speech in which he was responding to his Vice President who had suggested Ghana is doing well.

Mugabe disagreed and said Ghana is still the same undeveloped state it was when he met his wife Sally in the 1960s.

“I have been to Ghana 1958 to 1960 and when you look at them now and compare their present situation to that which existed in the 1960s, no change.

“There might be more people yes, there may be one road from the airport which has been well done,” he said.

Mugabe took a swipe at Ebola ravaged West and North Africa where the countries were predominantly colonised by France, saying, it showed that Europe did not have Africa’s interests at heart.


“That’s about all, no change. There are still areas were not all children go to school, nyika dzakakura. Woti why? Because they have remained under the control of countries like France, European countries like that,” he said.

He said most French colonies had remained dependent on their former colonisers due to the agreements they signed when they attained independence and had no control over their natural resources.

“So those countries are not free. What is now very important but an absolutely discouraging development is that the leaders we get now are not of the same calibre as vana (Kwame) Nkrumah, vana Seko Toure, vana Modibo Keita, vana (Abdel) Nasser, no. They are all yes leaders because they expect help, money from European countries,” he said.


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  1. I like Mugabe. He has the interest of his people and continent at heart. It takes courage to carry out the kind of land reforms he did for his country. Africa appreciates that.

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