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“Mugabe Is Second To Jesus” ZANU-PF Youth Leader, Kudzai Chipanga!


Progressively as President Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday edges closer, the ZANU-PF youth leader Kudzai Chipanga is full of praises for their long-time leader, even to the point of saying he is second to Jesus Christ.

“To us, February 21 is not just a day. To us, it is a special day we treat in the same manner Christians treat December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ.”  He said.

“I don’t want to be blasphemous, but in my humble view, President Mugabe is second to Jesus Christ. He is our saviour, so his birthday means a lot for us the youths of Zimbabwe.”

Kudzai Chipanga’s statement was made during an interview last week where he urged Zimbabweans not to treat the President’s birthday which falls on February 21 as an ordinary day and should be treated with as much respect Christians give to Jesus on Christmas day (December 25) because to him, Mugabe is a saviour.


Chipanga also added that being older does not render Mugabe as incompetent in ruling Ziumbabwe. The youth leader said the old age benefits Zimbabweans, implying that Mugabe’s old age comes with “divine wisdom”.

“We will not allow those plotting to take over his post, saying he is old to do so. Look, this is not an age contest that we have at hand, but dealing with wisdom, not just wisdom, divine wisdom for that matter.”

Chipanga’s statements has been met with opposition. Blessing Vava a political commentator had this to say about Chipanga’s statement:

“It has gone beyond bootlicking. It, however, shows Zanu PF has reached a dead end. They can’t even see beyond Mugabe. There is nothing divine about Mugabe and it’s actually sad that you have a young man celebrating and idolising a very old man, who is now incapacitated. Zimbabwe is bigger than Mugabe and any other individual,” he said.


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