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‘MUGABE GONE’!! The Succession Fear Factor Sets In, Mnangagwa Vs Grace!!


Zimbabwe is on the verge of irredeemable collapse at a time that ZANU PF has expressed confidence in the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, today I will take a leap forward to explain the supposed ‘confidence in the leadership of the purported revolutionary leader’ and unpack the mysticism of succession politics in ZANU PF.

The reason why we devote so much effort on analysing the genealogy of politics in Zimbabwe is because of the warped political justice system that has seen the conflation of state and ZANU PF into one unit, that smacks of the ideals of both the liberation struggle and the modern democratic aspirations of generations to come.

By design, ZANU PF is presided over by an octogenarian leader who has all but been succeeding himself over the last four decades. The ruling party (ruling not governing) now finds itself in a precarious war to succeed Mugabe either by default or crook and factions are forced to lay praise on mediocrity.

Because of unresolved and absent succession plan the two major factions in ZANU PF (Mnangagwa’s Lacoste and the G40 fronted by Grace Mugabe, Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo with the support of Mugabe) find themselves either propping their images to succeed Mugabe or preferring the continuation of the status quo. Each faction has been on the rampage promising to annihilate the other in the event it takes over power, we have heard the likes of Tsenengamu and the ‘we will arrest you phenomenon’ as if the Lascoste faction has saints.


Similar sentiments are shared by blind followers like Ceasar Zvayi and the myopic Energy Mutodi and yet Zimbabwe cannot afford the leadership of Grace Mugabe and company, they are lethal surrogates of an obsolete system. A progressive Zimbabwe should never accommodate the presidency of either these two factions.

The continuation of the present will benefit either factions as they edge to annihilate each other preferring to rely in the adage quantum that given time either of the factions will disintegrate. Such divisions are at the core of the heavy electoral loss during the Norton by-election and manifested themselves in the spinning of context on the man and the famous mug inscribed “I’m the Boss.”

The stalemate in ZANU PF will only further impinge on personal and national development given what I have alluded to in earlier discussions and there is little hope that the party will find itself glued together in 2018 as in previous elections raising higher possibilities of the Bhora Musango phenomenon. However, there is no direct correlation between the developments in ZANU PF and the concept of power transfer to an opposition party.

Given the nature of carrot and stick politics that Mugabe has crafted over the last 37 in power none of the factions will be comfortable to come out in the open and support the exit of Mugabe in the impending ZANU PF electoral defeat in 2018. Mugabe’s two factions will prefer a stalemate and the overthrow of the existing is only an aspiration of democracy loving citizens.

What citizens should brace themselves is what the opposition still needs to share, that is, a strategy to defend the vote and mobilise for electoral success given the levels of demobilisation among citizens. In the absence of this strategy ZANU PF and Mugabe will not meet their Waterloo in 2018.


Written by How Africa

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