Mugabe Does Not Need Asylum, He Needs To Be Accorded Respect And Security For The Rest Of His Days.


What Mugabe has done for Zimbabweans and Africa at large is way more important than the little he’s taken. Mugabe just like Mandela, was thrown into prison for his fight for freedom of Zimbabwe people.

Mugabe freed Zimbabweans from Rhodesia, negotiated peace, created an intellectual space for his citizens and reclaimed lands. While most African leaders keep their citizens ignorant and illiterate, Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into the number one literate country in Africa.

Truth is, whomever gives you information and knowledge is way more important than whomever have you in chains but well fed.

Zimbabwe’s economy was a sabotage by western countries once Mugabe took back lands from European settlers and any African who doesn’t know this, you are a freaking moron, sorry not sorry. Yes Mugabe had faults, lots of them, but still stand out to be the greatest and most prominent African leader today who believes in dignity of Africans and quest for self determination without outside interference.


I to thought Mugabe should have recruited someone younger who believes in his ideals and mentor them, so he can retire early, but that never happened. In My book and any intelligent African book, Mugabe still reign supremo as a true pan African with the likes of Sankara, Lumumba, Nkuruma, Biko, Amílcar Cabral, Nyerere, Kaunda, Gaddafi among others. Zimbabwe’s domestic squabbles can not take a way from what this elder mean to this continent.

We must remember that even Ghanaians kicked out Kwame Nkuruma into exile, yes Nkurumah that we all now see as a hero was chased a way like a dog by Ghanaians and they’ve never been the same. Africans tend to have very short memory and that’s why the continent is at average poor than the rest of the world.

An average African lacks foresight and go along with western media narratives on what benefits westerners than Africa, we want short term gains promised by outsiders but not willing to build from grassroots up with our own resolves.


Written by How Africa

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