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‘Mugabe Did Nothing Wrong,’ Opposition Party Says as it Vows to ‘Frustrate’ Mnangagwa’s Election Bid

A party linked to allies of former president Robert Mugabe has threatened to “frustrate” new president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid to win elections this year, independent reports say.

The National Patriotic Front (NPF) has held well-attended provincial meetings in Midlands, Masvingo and Bulawayo in recent days.

Civilian government

“We will spoil the meal for Zanu-PF. We know how to frustrate Mnangagwa,” top NPF official Jeppy Jaboon told a meeting in Masvingo on Friday.

“This time, Mnangagwa will not make it to the presidency,” he was quoted as saying by the private Standard newspaper.

“What we want is to remove the coup government and replace it with a civilian government,” he added.


Former cabinet minister Ambrose Mutinhiri left Zanu-PF earlier this year to head the new party, which allegedly has links to a former ruling party faction loyal to Grace Mugabe.

‘What did Mugabe do wrong?’

Jaboon said an alliance with the Movement for Democratic Change and other opposition parties might be on the cards because “they are no longer our enemies”. He said Mugabe, who was forced to step down after a military takeover in November, had done nothing wrong.

“What did Mugabe do wrong? He gave us land, and look what Mnangagwa is doing. He is giving back that land to the whites,” Jaboon said.

Mnangagwa has ruled out reversing the 18-year-old land reform programme, but his government has ordered an end to illegal land occupations and offered longer leases to the few white farmers still on the land.


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