Mugabe Allegedly Cried Uncontrollably Saying He Misses Ghanaian Wife Sally Hayfron After Being Cornered By Army

A top Zimbabwe military officer said under fire president Robert Mugabe cried uncontrollably after the army threatened his life following a what appeared to be a takeover earlier this week.

The 93-year-old Mugabe who has been at the helm of Zimbabwe for 37 years begged for mercy saying he felt exposed to gangs following the death of his first wife Sally in January 1992. Without mentioning Grace, Mugabe said his life would have been different now.

“He told us that Sally Sarah Hayfron was the love of his life”, said the source.

Robert Mugabe married his first wife Sally in 1961 and they had a child together Michael Nhamodzenyika, who later died at age three from cerebral malaria in 1966. Mugabe was informed of this from behind prison bars and was devastated.

Mugabe went on to have an affair with married Grace Mugabe who was born in South Africa. They later married in 1996.


Unlike ambitious Grace , popular first wife, Sally appeared by her husband’s side for official functions but rarely got involved in politics herself, focusing publicly on her charity work while gaining a reputation for legendary shopping expeditions.

The unveiling of Grace Mugabe as a potential successor to her husband began in 2014, when she became head of the ruling party’s women’s league and the state propaganda machine began talking up her political acumen. The first lady of Zimbabwe has support from the ruling party’s Youth League, but is widely disliked among the general population.

Before the events of 14 November her path to power had received a boost when her main rival, the vice-president , Emmerson Mnangagwa, was fired on 6 November. The feud between Mugabe and Mnangagwa had been bitter – in October she publicly denied poisoning him after he fell ill at a rally in August.


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