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Mozambique’s Chinese-built Maputo Bridge Set for June Opening

The southern African nation Mozambique is set to launch in June the Chinese-built Maputo Bridge and Link Road.

The project, once open, is expected to quickly become the nation’s key international passageway linking it southward to South Africa.

The bridge is expected to significantly ease passenger and cargo transport between Mozambique and South Africa, boosting trade and tourism development.

Engineer Bai Pengyu says the bridge will also drive the economic development of various sectors in the underdeveloped Katembe district, including land development, commercial services, logistics, and modern industries.


The bridge, which will be the largest suspension bridge in Africa, is part of a larger project that includes a set of access roads on both banks and other roads, including one leading to Ponta do Ouro, a beach area near the border with the province of Natal, in South Africa, which is over 170 kilometres long.

The project is just one part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s larger China-Africa policy and is aimed at strengthening China-Africa ties as well as stronger political mutual trust.

The Maputo Bridge and Link Roads project officially opens to traffic on June 25th.


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