Mozambique: Police Arrest Priest For Trying To Perform Resurrection On Dead Man

After his powerlessness to raise a man from the dead in the wake of persuading everybody he could, a minister is being held by the police in focal Mozambique for affronting the dead.

A report by the BBC says the minister had landed at the Chimoio provincial clinic, in the area of Manica, asserting that he was asked by the Holy Spirit to breath life into back his believer who had passed on at the healing facility.

He in this way asked authorities at the healing facility to give him the body to empower him to play out the supernatural occurrence. Be that as it may, following two days of supplicating, the cleric who is yet to be recognized was not capable the raise his believer.

The family of the deceased said the turnout of events did not surprise them at all.


“The priest prayed and prayed again in the morgue. He shook the head of my deceased brother as he prayed. But no part of my brother’s dead body was moving. At turns, the priest shouted: ‘wake-up, wake-up, son of God!’

“We did not believe the priest’s intention would yield any positive effect. This is because he has not, at any time, proven to us his ability to make any dead person resuscitate,” a sister of the deceased was quoted by the BBC.

The latest development from Mozambique comes on the back of talks about the rise and fame of false prophets which have become a serious issue for African societies.

What is getting many people fuming now is the ridiculous behaviours being portrayed by some of these churches, where for instance congregants are asked to eat snakes, grass or drink petrol just to get closer to their Maker or have their problems solved.

Some of these pastors have also been accused of sexually abusing their congregants.

In South Africa, protests were held on the streets of Johannesburg this month against the rise in religious leaders claiming to be miracle workers.


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