Mozambique bans school uniform mini-skirts

Mozambique has banned ‘school uniform mini-skirts,’ a decision which has been met with mixed emotions. The directive has been welcomed by some teachers and parents. Some pupils have reportedly said the longer skirts give them dignity. Should school girls be allowed to wear mini skirts?

File picture Photo: Capitalfm

File picture Photo: Capitalfm

Mozambique has reportedly banned ‘school uniform mini-skirts,’ a decision which has been met with mixed emotions.

The country’s Noticias newspaper reported that schools have started enforcing the requirement which now makes it compulsory for girls to wear long skirts.

The directive has been welcomed by some teachers, parents and pupils who say the longer skirts give them dignity. However, Noticias reports that some students feel the requirement is simply ridiculous.

A teacher quoted in the news report said the measure is welcome because what has been happening in schools was a real scandal and made the teachers uncomfortable when faced with such situations.


The ban in Mozambique raises the question: should mini skirts be allowed in schools or should they be banned?

The issue of miniskirt is a controversial and highly divisive topic. Last year, Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe, caused a storm with her controversial comments attributing some cases of rape to the prevalence of mini-skirts.

Women across Africa have been fighting against practices which violate their rights and freedom of choice. Last year, a group of women in Kenya marched for their right to dress as choose – without fear of rape or slut-shaming – under the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice. The march came in the wake of the public shaming of a woman who was dressed in a short skirt.

In another case, last year Sudan detained 10 women for wearing miniskirts and trousers to church. The case was criticised by rights groups as discriminatory and violated the women’s rights.

Source: Noticias


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  1. By all fairness in a properly civilized community, nakedness on the part of a woman is unacceptable, in any case it signifies sexual intent even if the person involved might cry innocence to that effect. Ignorance is no defense, take a school class for example, a male teacher in front of a class, with adult girls seated facing him and he can see right through to their pants. That is not funny, I just don’t understand where the so called rights thing come in here, Women must keep their privacy away from the public, These miniskirts should have been banned from the public long time ago, without even need for any consultation. Governments have the duty to protect women from abuse by men and banning mini skirts in public is the first step even though the women seem to enjoy being abused they still need protection.

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