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Mozambique Announces A 30-Day Lockdown After 8 Coronavirus Cases

Sad news, Mocambique has just joined a number of other African nations who have been hit by coronavirus (COVID-19) and has since announced a lockdown after 8 confirmed cases.

The pandemic is seemingly changing epicenters and grounding many countries in the process, as for Africa, things are not looking good as it continues to spread.

The country’s leader Phillipe Nyusi has since announced a 30-day lockdown. Apparently, Zambia with nearly 30 confirmed cases is still dilly-dallying on the issue of locking down.

Neighbouring countries, South Africa and Zimbabwe have led in the way, announcing a 21-day lockdown.

However, as for Zambia, the government is adamant that as a landlocked country, if locked down, the economy will be greatly affected. But others are of the idea that it is better to be safe, even at the expense of the economy.


Calls have been made from several sections that President Edgar Lungu should lock the country down. Most of the cases reported had been as a result of people having brought it from outside Zambia’s borders.

The coronavirus spreads through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. When these droplets are dispersed on surfaces, people can pick them by touching the infected surfaces and then their faces or mouths.

Thus, people are encouraged to wash hands regularly, cover their mouths with elbows when coughing, stop touching their faces and maintain distance between each other. People are also encouraged to sanitise their hands regularly and put on masks as protective measures.


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