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Mozambique: Admira António, First Female Pilot in the Country, Talks About Her Challenges

Admira António, 30, is the first woman to fly a plane in Mozambique.

Mozambique has one of the highest rates of gender inequality in the world and the young woman does what was once a man’s job, a dream she was never ready to give up.

Admira António thinks she has managed to establish herself in a world of men by becoming the first woman captain of an airliner in Mozambique. But she has to face some challenges.


“The attention is always on you as a woman. They want to see if you really know what you’re doing, why you’re here, if someone made it easy for you, but I had to prove my skills and professionalism, “she said.

In the sky, there are two realities: almost 80% of the flight attendants are women, but only 5% of the pilots are women and the proportion of women in technical or managerial positions in aviation is even higher. low.

Admira António joined the Cadet group of MEX – Mozambique Expresso in 2012, where she obtained her private pilot license. She pursued further training at “43 Air School” in South Africa where she obtained her Commercial Pilot License.

In January 2013, Admira António flies to France where she performs a “Type Rating” on Embraer E145.

After more than 3,500 flying hours, as co-pilot, she had the favorable opinion of her instructors to pass pilot-in-command.


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