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Mount Everest’s 3D Climbing Routes Now Available Online

Mount Everest’s southern climbing route, beginning at the Nepalese base camp up to the “Roof of the World”, has been documented by 360° videography and photography.

Omni directional views of Everest are now available online to millions of people around the world with unique 3D recordings.

Promoter of the initiative had already done similar experiences with other climbing icons, like the Mont Blanc, the Cervin, the Matterhorn or the north face of the Eiger.

“The basic idea is to bring the concept of Google Street View into the most beautiful mountains of this planet, and thereby create a new way of documentation of these climbing routes,” said Michael Gyssler of Mammut Sports Group.


Mount Everest has two main climbing routes, the southeast ridge from Nepal and the north ridge from Tibet, as well as many other less frequently climbed routes. Of the two main routes, the southeast ridge is technically easier and is the more frequently used route.

Watch the video below:

Video credit: igeoNews


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