Motivational: You are more than what you currently are

In the popular animation movie-Lion King!

The character, Mufasa once told his son Simba

‘You are more than what you have become!’

That sincere assessment from an ageing lion to his cub informs the lesson of today.

Of course,  Simba turned out to lead the pride and was proud of himself eventually.

It’s appalling how many of us go through life only to discover at last that we haven’t really lived.

Yes, because we have not really uncovered the hidden packages in us.

There’s every likelihood today that the person reading this is an undercover greatness waiting to be uncovered!

Until you are uncovered you really cannot be your best.

Why lead a mediocre life when you are designed to be epic?

Why restrict yourself to a piece of statistical configuration when installed in you

is an architectural design of trans generational well of unparalleled impact of monumental dimensions and gigantic capacities!


Why live small when your creator earmarked you to be unlimited?

Why live inconsequential when your life can make landmarks?

Why live all your life with the chickens when you are an eagle?

Why live your precious life dancing to the tunes of the nay sayers and dream killers?

Why fritter your precious allocated time on the ephemerals?

The truth is: your time is finite and all your days are numbered!

So why live anymore day in mediocrity and self delusion?

A wise man once remarked: “Your life is a gift from God to you but how you live is your gift to God and humanity. ”

Wouldn’t you make this the first day of your new found life?

A day you decide to be you and live the life designed for you by no one but God!

A day you decide to shun all the naysayers and doubt the dream busters!

A day you decide to be true to yourself and your hidden greatness!

A day that your destiny has been waiting for!

May this be that day!


Written by PH

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