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Motivating Story of Cameroon’s Lydie Tchidjo, A Student and Business Owner in Four African Countries

A dream becomes reality. Born in Cameroon, Lydie Idel Makamdem Tchidjo nourished since childhood, the desire to create and manage a large company. A wish that she managed to concretize once great. She is the founder of Familov.

In Cameroon, where she grew up in a family of six sisters, we are already proud of young Lydie. Coming from a modest family where the father is a teacher, she is the only one in the family to study for a long time.


Once in Germany to continue her studies, the girl has enormous difficulties. To provide for her needs and to support her relatives who stayed in the country, the young woman uses money transfers. Except that the transfer costs were expensive and difficult to bear.

“These money transfers are expensive; each transfer costs 12% of costs. And there is no guarantee that the money will actually be used to buy food for which it is intended, “she says. Her entrepreneurial qualities will come back to her and push her to think of a better way to directly transfer food rather than money.

In 2013, Lydie set up an online store for the purchase of food. The transfer mechanism is such that the goods are not shipped from Germany, where Lydie runs his business, but distributed through a supermarket chain in three major cities of Cameroon: Douala, Bafoussam and Jaunde.

“This means that the family will collect the items ordered and paid directly from the partner supermarket,” she says.

Currently, the Familov platform has more than a thousand users. Beyond Cameroon, the initiative packs other countries including Kenya and Gabon. Familov has established itself in these other countries. Lydie is now thinking bigger. To be able to pack as many African countries as possible is one of the obsessions of this girl who lives in Germany.


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