Moscow In London: “In Your Zoo, No Animal Is Able To Give Orders To A Bear” – Sergei Choigou!!

Sergei Choigou ironically replied to the statement of his British counterpart who had advised Russia not to let his bear put his legs in Libya, reminding him that London had no lessons to give to Moscow.

On 17 February, at the Munich Security Conference, British Defense Minister Michael Fallon expressed dissatisfaction at a possible military alliance between the Russian and Libyan governments. He had compared Russia to a bear, stating that NATO and London saw “no need for the bear to put its paws” in Libya.


Russia’s response was not long in coming. The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Choigou, replied with some irony.

“If you continue with the animals, you can look at the coats of arms of the United Kingdom. What is drawn there? If I am not mistaken, a lion. There is an old proverb: all lions are cats but not all cats are lions. Everyone must control their own affairs. We do not believe that in your zoo there is an animal that could have given orders to a bear, “he replied before an audience of students from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.


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