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Morocco: Work Finally Begins on the Biggest Tower in Africa

Indeed, expected for a long time already, this work whose project is entrusted to the promoter “Bendjelloun Othmane”, who is the CEO of the BMCE group. The latter would have presented a worthy project, which will make Morocco one of the most quilted countries in Africa.

The tower “Mohamed VI” as its title is announced is a project costing 4 billion dirhams. The tower in question will be built on fifty-five (55) floors, including residences, offices and a hotel while the four (04) last floors will accommodate an observatory whose details have not yet given.


It must be said that this implementation project was highly anticipated, and this tower is part of the development project of the Bouregreg valley. In this city that should host the “Grand Theater” of Rabat, the House of Arts and Culture and the National Archives of the Kingdom of Morocco library and ultimately.

If the cost of the project is estimated at 4 billion dirhams, the duration of implementation would be estimated at three years. The so-called “Tower” should be delivered in 2022. “It will be a good thing for our country to have a tower of such great capacity and which will be the largest at the African level. It’s as interesting as it is built in our city. “. These are the first impressions of the citizens of the city of Bouregreg, who know full well that this project will bring a lot for their city.


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