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Morocco: One of Africa’s Richest Kings, Mohammed VI Shows Off His $1.2million Watch (Photo)

It is on Instagram account insane luxury life that a photo of King Mohammed VI of Morocco was published a few days ago. This account lists which celebrities wear which watch. The King of Morocco posed with a watch whose value is estimated at $ 1.2 million. This is a Patek Philippe watch.

At the moment when austerity measures are being taken in the Moroccan kingdom, Mohammed VI, was seen on a photo with a luxurious watch from the Patek Philippe brand of the Nautilus series. The watch is set with 1075 diamonds and costs $ 1.2 million, or 11 million dirhams.

Morocco-Controversy: Mohammed VI shows off his $ 1.2 million watch (photo)

It must be said that this Philippe Patek watch, reference 5980 / 1400G, is described as a rare model. It is made of ” 18K white gold case and bracelet, with an impressive total of 893 diamonds weighing approximately 4,468 carats and 182 baguette-cut diamonds weighing 15.46 carats “.

It is from the Nautilus collection, launched in 1976, following a special request from a customer of Philippe Patek that the model of this watch is part of it.

This announcement has sparked outrage on social networks, many Moroccans find that the price of this watch is exorbitant. ” There are so many people who are in trouble. If it were another rich man, it would not have bothered me, but this is my king. Do not forget that a lot of your money comes from us, “reads the comments on Instagram.


Other comment: ” Some people do not even have electricity or food. Poverty is especially prevalent in the mountains. There is no food, no hospitals, nothing. and he wears such a watch . “

Morocco-Controversy: Mohammed VI shows off his $ 1.2 million watch (photo)

” The extent of the social crisis in Morocco is such that social movements have been going on for several months. In the north as in the south, these movements express the same demands: the right to basic needs such as the right to health, youth work, infrastructure for marginalized areas. The population of Jerada [northeast of Morocco, ed] has also been mobilized for more than seven months, “said Tahar Ben Jelloun, famous Moroccan writer in a forum published on June 25 on the information site Le 360.

According to him, the demands of the Rifian youth, carried by the Hirak movement, are not unusual. They want a hospital, a university, schools, social justice measures and jobs.

Morocco-Controversy: Mohammed VI shows off his $ 1.2 million watch (photo)

Photo credit: Infomediary


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