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Morocco King’s Watches Stolen from the Palace, a Story that is Shaking the Kingdom

Several employees of the royal palace in Marrakech are before the Moroccan courts. They are suspected of having stolen watches of great value belonging to King Mohamed VI.

 According to the details provided by the local media in this case, they are in total 25 involved in this case. They are tried by the Rabat Court of Appeal for “breach of trust and robbery”.

Where have the crown jewels gone? “At least 25 people are currently on trial for their alleged involvement in the theft of luxury watches from Mohammed VI inside the royal palace in Marrakech,” Yabiladi reported  on  Monday, January 20.


Among the defendants are an ex-employee of the royal palace in Marrakech, a security guard and several jewelers. According to El País, the Moroccan media say  “that a woman who works at the palace is the main suspect” .

Moroccan media Yabiladi reports that Mohammed VI has a collection of luxury watches,  “the most famous of which is a unique piece by the Swiss brand Patek Philippe worth 1.2 million euros” .

In September 2018, social networks echoed  “a photo of the monarch with this jewel,” adds  El País . Mounted in white gold, this watch is inlaid with 1,075 diamonds


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