Morocco: Hundreds of Angry Traders Show in Yellow Vest (Photo, Video)

As a sign of protest against the Moroccan government’s policy, several hundred traders in the city of Meknes, Morocco, donned yellow vests during a demonstration on January 7th.

Hundreds of traders in the Moroccan city of Meknes protested on January 7 against the authorities that they accuse, according to several local media, of “abandoning” them. The protesters, dressed in yellow vests, like the French protest movement, consider themselves victims of the laxity of the public authorities against street vendors, accused of harming their activities. They also deplore the introduction of new taxes that could further reduce their turnover. In parallel with this demonstration, a general strike was organized in the old city. 

On social networks, several images of the dispute were relayed.


In response, Moroccan government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said the doors of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade were “open” to begin a dialogue. 

The trade sector in Morocco has been shaken in recent days by several protest movements. On January 3, traders from Casablanca, the kingdom’s economic capital, held a rally against the latest government provisions directly affecting them. As the TelQuel website reminds us , it is notably planned that “merchants issue numbered and continuous serial invoices. For this, they must have a billing software approved by the tax authorities and an information system directly to have a common database with the tax “. Many of them require an extra year to comply with current legislation.


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