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Morocco: For His 20 Years of Rule, Mohammed VI Commits to Blur the “Glaring Disparities”

On the occasion of his 20 years of reign, King Mohammed VI of Morocco pledged to reduce the “glaring disparities” of the country and announced a government reshuffle by the start of the school year.

The King of Morocco Mohammed VI spoke from his palace in Tetouan on the occasion of his 20 years of rule, celebrated on July 30 with the traditional Throne Day. The 55-year-old monarch, who succeeded his father Hassan II in 1999, welcomed the “qualitative leap” in “infrastructure”. However, he acknowledged that this progress did not have “sufficient repercussions”, referring in particular to “basic social services”.


The building of a “Morocco in which blatant disparities are disappearing […] requires new skills in different positions and levels of responsibility […] including the government,” said the king, who therefore announced a government reshuffle “on the horizon of the next school year” to bring “new blood”.

Interviewed by RT France, Mezri Haddad, a specialist in the Arab world, founder of CIGPA (International Center for Geopolitics and Analytical Foresight), considers that social disparities remain the “Achilles heel” of Morocco.


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