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Morocco: For Attacking the King, Young YouTuber Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

Four years in prison, this is the sentence that was recently imposed on Mohamed Sekkaki, a young Moroccan Youtubeur for having been found guilty of “  offending the king  ” in one of his last posts. The young man was convicted by the Settat court.

Mohamed Ziane, the lawyer for the accused confirmed this announcement. He also added that the sentence imposed corresponds to the maximum penalty provided for in article 179 of the Moroccan Criminal Code. Article 179 of the Moroccan Penal Code stipulates that anyone who commits defamation or insult against the king and an heir to the throne is liable to imprisonment. The king being described as a person qualified as ” inviolable “


Known by internet users as Moul Kaskita, Mohamed Sekkaki posted a video on YouTube in which he openly insulted Moroccans and made fun of King Mohammed VI. An act which is a violation of article 179 of the Moroccan penal code.

Initially, Mohamed Sekkaki was prosecuted for ”  public insults  ” before seeing his situation worsen when justice added ”  offense to the king  ” to the charges.

A condemnation heavy with meaning therefore, but which will be challenged on appeal, as confirmed by the counsel of YouTuber, master Ziane, who can also rely on the support of various associations.


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