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Morocco: First Photo of King Mohamed VI After His Heart Surgery [Photo]

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI was photographed after his heart surgery. The picture was taken in a Parisian clinic where he had an operation with his family around him.

We thus see the King, humbly lying in his hospital bed. The photo was made public by the monarchy of Morocco on Tuesday.


Surrounded by his family after his operation
In the photo, we see the King’s brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, as well as his sisters Princesses Meryem, Hasnaa and Asma. We also see the children of King Mohamed VI, Khadija and Moulay El Hassa who are respectively 10 and 14 years old.

The 54-year-old King’s heart problems are Saturday, January 20th. He had a heart rhythm disorder and his doctors diagnosed him with a “heart-healthy” flutter. The latter then advised him to have an operation. The intervention was a great success, according to a statement from the medical team.

“The radiofrequency ablation of this arrhythmia, performed today at the Ambroise Paré clinic in Paris has helped normalize the heart rate.”

Therefore, the press release informs that the King “will resume his normal activities without any restrictions” after a period of rest advised by his doctors ”

The King is still in France, where he had suffered a few months ago, a benign operation of the eye.


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