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MOROCCO: African Union (AU) Amputated Too Long



This is an important African problem. But as it accompanies us for thirty-two years, we are adapted underestimate its harmful effects and are more concerned about finding a solution.


Gathered currently in Kigali summit, African heads of state and foreign ministers have discussed the backstage but will no doubt felt they could be seized.

Why would they do that then divides and that most of its citizens do not even have the most to mind ??

I hope you will approve of me exhume because, I repeat, it is important handicaps and the African Union as a whole.

You’ll find it very difficult to solve. But not insoluble.


On 12 November 1984, Morocco decided to leave crashing the Organization of African Unity (OAU), of which he was a founding member. It is therefore not joined the African Union (AU), which succeeded the OAU in 2002 and includes within it the fifty-four states of the continent, constituted or not, contested or not.

Except Morocco, ancient country of 35 million people with a GDP and GDP per capita is the fifth continent.

This decision was taken in response to the OAU admitted as a full member the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). She expressed the absolute refusal of the Kingdom of Morocco to live with artificially constituted State territory that largely occupies and which he believes should have him back entirely in 1976, at its decolonization by Spain.


Admitted to the OAU in February 1982, and the African Union, the SADR is recognized as a State by three African countries (eighteen total). And by nineteen countries outside Africa.

Neighbor and great rival of Morocco, Algeria has been key to achieve this and keep alive the SADR.

It has just acquired a new president in the person of Brahim Ghali . He succeeds Mohamed Abdelaziz, who died, who has held the office for forty years – a record.

It will continue to exist as long as the Algeria held at arm’s length and that the United Nations, which advocates a self-determination referendum that failed to organize because Morocco does not lend itself to the game, will seek not a more effective way out of this “stalemate”.

It is estimated the total population of the SADR 600? 000, and GDP in purchasing power to $ 900 million.


So we are there for more than thirty years. It is anachronistic and even shameful ?: Algeria and Morocco are in a situation comparable to that of France and Germany in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Part One).

Between the two major African countries, which soon will total one hundred million inhabitants and have excessive military budgets, this form of “cold war” – with the border closing – lasts for forty years (1976).

The presence of the SADR in the African Union prevents Morocco to join. So, this union which wants mainland is reduced by one of the largest and oldest African countries.


It is deprived of its human and financial participation ?: annual contribution of this country to the African Union would have been approximately $ 1.5 million per month.


Imagine there is the European Union without Spain ?? Europeans would they have accepted for over thirty years that Spain is absent from their ranks and replaced with Gibraltar and Andorra ??

Certainly not.

Diplomacy and that of their great American ally would set in motion to pull their continent from the impasse in which it would be.

Why the UN did she merely manage the conflict rather than work to solve ?? Successive Secretaries-General, including two Africans, Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan, would they not have to do everything to find a solution ??


Forty years old, this problem is insoluble in appearance. It is so only because the applicants agree to live with disadvantages, regardless of their severity.

It is therefore necessary and sufficient that the Heads of State of Algeria and Morocco, and the leaders of the SADR, the first to suffer from the situation, decide in their conscience that they no longer have the right to persevere in a bad way. And that their duty is to seek a solution with the will to find it.

It will not do anything and the problem will remain unchanged as will not interfere with such a strategic change.

If, however, they come to think, as you and I, “Forty years is enough”, the change will become possible. Neighboring and friendly countries, institutions, African or not, will try to help them.

I suggest them the diagram of a first compromise that the next president of the African Commission can implement after having worked and improved.

The parties concerned would show so they have the will to get out of the cold war to enter an era of understanding and cooperation. At the same time, they solve the problem that the lack of Morocco poses to the African Union.


For such a compromise is possible, it would have to Algeria and the SADR accept it, while remaining nominally a member of the African Union, is outstanding and refrain from participating in its meetings indefinitely .

Morocco is content with this half measure and would join the African Union as a member.

Simultaneously, Morocco and Algeria would commit to decrease for five years from 2018, their military budgets a percentage – to negotiate – on the order of 10% per year and would agree to the reopening of their common border.

De-escalation would be undertaken and a new climate would be created.

Those who have presided will find that to find the way of salvation, sometimes it is necessary to “do the opposite of what we have done for too long.”

Forty years is enough ?!

by Bechir Ben Yahmed



Written by How Africa

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