Moroccan Navy Rescues 165 Spain-Bound Migrants In Mediterranean, Atlantic

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The Moroccan navy rescued 165 Spain-bound migrants in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, official news agency MAP reported Monday.



Among the migrants rescued during Sunday’s mission were 103 sub-Saharan people, 34 Moroccans, 27 Bangladeshis and one Burmese, MAP said, quoting a military source.


They were experiencing difficulties aboard several makeshift boats sailing in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, it added.


The migrants received the necessary first aid from the navy units, before being brought back to the nearest Moroccan ports and handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie.


Morocco has become a transit country for African and Asian migrants seeking to reach Europe for better living conditions, as the shortest distance from Morocco’s Mediterranean coasts to Spain is only 14 km via the Strait of Gibraltar.


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