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Moroccan Government Promises A Strategy To Combat Violence Against Women

After the wave of protest and outrage that struck Morocco following the s3xual aggression of a 24-year-old girl on a bus, the head of the Moroccan government Saadeddine El Othmani announced last Thursday, the development of a strategy against violence against women.

The government “is considering how to deal with such phenomena so that these acts do not happen again,” said El Othmani, from the Justice and Development Party (PJD, Islamist) in a speech broadcast Thursday. “The strategy adopted by the government in this direction will be announced at the appropriate time, ” he said.


The Islamist Minister of Women, Bassima Hakkaoui, has been criticized for its slowness to react. She ended by denouncing on Tuesday a ” shameful crime “, and promised ” to accelerate the adoption of the law against violence” made to women.


The incident broke out with a Sunday video on social networks showing a horde of hilarious teenagers, violently jostling a tearful young woman on a bus from Casablanca (west), trying to undress her and touching her intimate parts . The six assailants were subsequently arrested.

To date, a large fault remains visible in the Moroccan jurisdiction. Indeed in the Cherifian Kingdom, the law  “condemns the harassment of women at work, but not in the public spaces “, conceded to the AFP Mustapha Ramid, Minister of State in charge of the human rights, also descended Of the PJD. He had nevertheless assured that a bill including for the first time harassment in public places was being adopted.

While neither the bus driver nor the passengers intervened to stop the attack, Justice Minister Mohamed Aujjar on Wednesday urged prosecutors to investigate cases of non-reporting of crimes.

This is “another incident that reveals this common violence in Moroccan society,” said researcher and journalist Abdellah Tourabi, in a noteworthy column where he considers that “young people are victims of the resignation of the” State and Parents “.

Twelve years after the adoption of the new Family Code, which grants women more rights, they are still victims of man’s hegemony in public spaces, where they are frequently subjected to insults and sexist assaults.

According to official figures, nearly two out of three Moroccan women are victims of violence. Physical violence against them is most evident in public places.


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