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Morgan Tsvangirai Was Poisoned In 2011 By Robert Mugabe According to NZDC President


If people don’t start seeing the future it becomes a problem. In 2011 I said Morgan Tsvangirai had poison put in his cup of tea in the morning when he met Mugabe. Both parties were against my post. I tried highlighting this again in 2014 that this person will die. I also spoke of many issues that happened until the dowry negotiations and also what will happen on the next election after 2013.

You saw all this on my old account, all this is there on Oneworld. That year also, i said Mugabe its over, the army will remove you after they spoke with China. Instead you sent people to look for me and i was telling you that i see you.

In 2016/17 it was the same issue. I said beware amongst you an opposition has been planted a routine seed which will grow in Zanu, you will be broken from within because there are a lot that are benefiting from all sides. In 2017 November i said beware of the crocodile( garwe) G40 you did not wipe it out its still in the party those 4 ministers you put, they are part of Lacoste, some of you will be in trouble later on. Now I’m just waiting so it comes on its own coz what they are planning you have to investigate on your own.


My question now is ED Mnangangwa dont you know about the poison put in Tsvangirai’s cup which caused the cancer? I ask because i saw that you went to see him and in the papers they wrote lies saying Morgan wants to extend the date but when you were planning to go there on the 14th of December I had already told people that you will go there. Does this silence mean that you don’t want to investigate what happened with the cups which they were drinking tea in. 2 cups came out one for Mugabe the other for Morgan which was wiped with slow poison, you don’t know about this, if you president don’t have the information ask the people who made the tea when ever Mugabe met PM in the morning, this is were you start because i know everything that’s why i spoke out. Today you are singing that he is sick but you know that until this date/ this month this person will be needing God’s intervention.

But the plan was for him not to reach 2018 elections. You also ED what they made you eat requires constant checks to the doc or you will have a problem. I feel pity for these laughing at Morgan as if he wanted it. MDC members unit and don’t be used by these people who planned all this today they are like sheep’s.



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