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More than 60 Migrants Die in a Shipwreck on the Coasts of Mauritania

According to the International Organization for Migrants (IOM), at least 62 African migrants have drowned off Mauritania trying to reach Europe. A previous balance sheet reported 58 deaths. But five new bodies were rejected by the sea Thursday after the disaster, bringing the number of victims to 63, according to a security source.

The sinking on Wednesday is the deadliest this year on this road, according to IOM. It is essentially a group of Gambians after a week at sea aboard what Mauritanians have described as “a makeshift boat” that has assumed the tragic fate.

The group of 150 to 180 people, including women and especially young people from 20 to 30 years, had embarked on November 27 in the Gambia, in a motorized canoe, according to the information of the International Organization for Migration. Migrants (IOM) and Mauritanian authorities.

“They had no more gas, they wanted to get closer to Mauritania and hit a rock,” said IOM West Africa spokeswoman Florence Kim. Then, the boat “began to take water. They were not far from the shore, but a strong swell prevented them from reaching the coast by boat, “according to a Mauritanian security source.

They left the boat to swim. Eighty-three shipwrecked, including ten miners, managed to reach the shore according to the IOM. But dozens of others died.


The victims were buried near Nouadhibou in the night, without waiting, according to the Muslim prescriptions, and without being identified, according to the IOM spokesperson.

The survivors were collected “according to the rules of hospitality that require human solidarity, brotherhood and hospitality African,” said the Mauritanian Ministry of the Interior.

Africa: More than 60 migrants die in a shipwreck on the coasts of Mauritania

For many, this situation is reminiscent, if necessary, of the tragedy caused by the phenomenon of illegal immigration, which decimates more and more African youth.

Nearly 25,000 people have died since January 2014 while trying to reach Europe, IOM said. But more than 480 have also died on the road to West Africa, including about 160 in 2019.


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