More South Africans Tycoons Top Forbes’ Rich List Than Nigerians In 2015

The number of ultra-wealthy South African business magnates has overtaken that of of Nigerians over the past year to represent a third of the continent’s richest people according to Forbes’ 2015 Africa’s 50 Richest list

South Africa made a strong showing on this year’s list, with 16 businessmen, six of whom are dollar billionaires.

Nigerian business magnate Aliko Dangote remains the richest man on the continent for the fifth consecutive year, with a net worth of $16,7 billion (R233 billion), despite losing around $5 billion (R69,7 billion) as a result of a sharp decline in the Dangote Cement share price and a weaker Naira.

Local diamond mining magnate Nicky Oppenheimer, with estimated riches of around $6,6 billion (R92,1 billion), has climbed an impressive three spots since last year to claim the title of second-richest person in Africa.

Shoprite majority shareholder Christo Wiese takes third position, with an estimated net value of $6,5 billion (R90,8 billion), followed by the chairman of Swiss-based luxury goods company Richemont, Johann Rupert whose fortune amounts to $6,3 billion (R87,8 billion).

King Mohammed VI of Morocco rounds up the five richest men on the continent with a net worth of $5,7 billion (R79,5 billion).

Overall, the number of African dollar billionaires has decreased from 28 to 23 since last year as plummeting global oil and commodity prices have eroded the fortunes of some of the continent’s richest people.

As a collective, the 50 wealthiest people in Africa have a combined net worth of $95,6 billion (R1,3 trillion), down $15 billion (R209 billion) from 2014.

There were fewer Nigerians on the list this year – a total of 10, down from 13, while eight of the wealthiest people hail from Morocco, seven from Egypt, three from Tanzania and three Kenyans. Uganda, Algeria and Angola were also represented with one person from each country making the list.

Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos – the daughter of Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos – is the only woman to feature among the top 10 richest business people on the continent, ranked eighth, with a fortune worth around $3,4 billion (R47,5 billion).

The only other businesswoman to crack this year’s list is Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakjia, ranked joint 13th with riches estimated to be worth $1,7 billion (R23,7 billion).


Naspers’ chairman Koos Bekker, Aspen Pharmacare founder and CEO Stephen Saad and African Rainbow Minerals CEO Patrice Motsepe are SA’s three other dollar billionaires, with estimated wealth amounting to $1,7 billion (R23,7 billion), $1,2 billion (R16,7 billion) and $1,05 billion (R14,6 billion) respectively.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Discovery CEO Adrian Gore are among some of the other notable South Africans featured on the list.

Below is the full list of Africa’s top 10 richest people and the 16 richest people in South Africa.

South Africa’s richest businessmen

  1. Nicky Oppenheimer (ranked 2nd) – $6,6 billion (R92,1 billion)
  2. Christo Wiese (ranked 3rd) – $6,5 billion (R90,8 billion)
  3. Johann Rupert (ranked 4th) – $6,3 billion (R87,8 billion)
  4. Koos Bekker (ranked joint 13th) – $1,7 billion (R23,7 billion)
  5. Stephen Saad (ranked 20th) – $1,2 billion (R16,7 billion)
  6. Patrice Motsepe (ranked 22nd) – $1,05 billion (R14,6 billion)
  7. Jannie Mouton (ranked 24th) – $970 million (R13,5 billion)
  8. Laurie Dippenaar (ranked 35th) – $610 million (R8,5 billion)
  9. Machiel Le Roux (ranked 38th) – $539 million (R7,3 billion)
  10. Raymond Ackerman (ranked 39th) – $500 million (R6,9 billion)
  11. Adrian Gore (ranked 41st) – $480 million (R6,7 billion)
  12. Cyril Ramaphosa (ranked 42nd) – $450 million (R6,2 billion)
  13. GT Ferreira (ranked 44th) – $420 million (R5,8 billion)
  14. Gus Attridge (ranked 45th) – $410 million (R5,7 billion)
  15. Markus Jooste (ranked 46th) – $400 million (R5,5 billion)
  16. Giovanni Ravazzotti (ranked 49th) – $330 million (R4,6 billion)

Africa’s top 10 richest people

  1. Aliko Dangote – $16,7 billion (R233 billion)
  2. Nicky Oppenheimer – $6,6 billion (R92,1 billion)
  3. Christo Wiese – $6,5 billion (R90,8 billion)
  4. Johann Rupert – $6,3 billion (R87,8 billion)
  5. King Mohammed VI – $5,7 billion (R79,5 billion)
  6. Nassef Sawiris – $4,9 billion (R68,4 billion)
  7. Mike Adenuga – $3,5 billion (R48,9 billion)
  8. Isabel dos Santos – $3,4 billion (R47,5 billion)
  9. Issad Rebrab – $3,2 billion (R44,6 billion)
  10. Naguib Sawiris – $3 billion (R41,9 billion)

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