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More Details about Dr Sebi, The Black Man Who Found a Cure For AIDS, All Diseases

Dr Sebi, a naturopathist is famed for curing all diseases including diabetes, cancer and AIDS. Born November 26th 1933, Dr. Sebi believes in diet, ‘electric foods’ and herbal remedies not to treat but to cure diseases orthodox medicine fails to, like diabetes, sickle cell and AIDS.

His remedy works with clearing cell gunk/plaque that clogs up cells, thus allowing for the natural relief from inflammation; a method famous naturopathist and a head of the United States Naturopathic association,Dr. Majid Ali also prescribes.

“I am removing plaque from the system; I am removing inflamation. That is the basis for all disease,” Dr Sebi said. The doctor says the ultimate food is oxygen and also recommends serious measures to regulate body alkalinity and acidity through consumption, maintaining body alkaline. He said, “while the Mayans, Incas and past black men only had alkalinity, they do not have the problems we have today in this ‘scientific’ world. “We receive life in the alkaline world.”

Thousands worldwide swear by his remedies.


In the next video, Dr Sebi describes how he was persecuted in a New York criminal court for announcing to the world that he cures Aids and Cancer. Dr. Sebi won his court case after showing that he in fact has cured everyone that received his treatment; however when Michael Jackson, one of Sebi’s patients took Dr. Sebi to Washington D.C. to meet with Black Congressmen he received no support for accomplishing the greatest medical achievement of the 20th century; nor did Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey nor any of the African countries Sebi visited acknowledged his monumental medical achievement.

Despite winning his court case and defeating the New York Medical Association and District Attorney in court, black leaders (uncle Toms) in America and throughout the world refused to contradict the social order of white racial supremacy and black racial inferiority by not recognizing the greatest achievement in modern medical history achieved by Dr. Sebi.

Today, Sebi’s cure for all modern day diseases go unrecognized. Truly a Noble Prize is past due and thousands around the world have died unnecessarily.

Dr. Sebi cured Lisa Left Eye Lopez and she promised to talk about him and make sure he gets famous, then she died.

He has also treated Michael Jackson, who swore by his therapy.


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  1. Dr Sebi’s achievement should not be watered down. I think the African Union should take it up and promote this great African. Africans have been proofing themselves in all areas of endeavours.
    David Oluwatominiyi.

  2. How can I purchase the natural Godly herb product. I have a bad itch doctor are lieing about the ointment too much chemical in the ointment. The itch is very uncomfortable. I use apple cider vinegar to stop itching.

  3. How would the Western medical “establishment” acknowledge some backwoods African only to reap billions of dollars worth of losses for their pharmaceutical industry as well as their much-cherished relevance in the “fight” against poverty in Africa?

    They used the same methods alongside the undiscerning Medical Association Chimpanzees of the Nigeria when it was Dr. Abalaka’s turn. What was his offense? He announced a possible procedure for the cure of HIV/AIDS along Naturopathic / Herbal lines. His license was withdrawn, his name dragged for all it was worth yet we saw the impact of his works but they’re doing their best to deride it.

    Africans need to wake up and realize that Africa has so much to offer in the future to come. Enough of the Uncle Tom mentality.

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