More Celebs Join Michelle Obama’s Voter Outreach Drive

Election Day is over, but Michelle Obama is still trying to get out the vote.

The former first lady announced that Selena Gomez, Liza Koshy, Shonda Rhimes, Megan Rapinoe, Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington have signed on as co-chairs of the national organization When We All Vote.

Obama is already a co-chair, along with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Faith Hill, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, and basketball star Chris Paul.


When We Vote bills itself as a nonpartisan group dedicated to increasing voter participation.

The announcement Thursday marks a year until the date of the 2020 elections, which includes the presidential race. The organization was founded in 2018.

Hanks said “registering new voters is an act of hope and taking part in the American idea.” He added that voting guarantees the blessings of “liberty for the grandkids.”


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