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Moon Has More Than 250 Million Citizens, Says Former NASA Pilot

A former NASA and CIA pilot shocked the public by declaring that the Moon is actually a place of life with more than 250 million citizens.

Former NASA and CIA pilot John Lear was well known among conspiracy theorists. “All you have heard about the moon is a lie,” exclaimed Mr. Lear.

He says he discovered secret structures on the Moon and, in addition, showed images that would show the evidence of these artificial formations. Amateur astronomers have recently recorded something that looks like a holographic projection of the Moon’s surface.

There are many conspirators who believe that some kind of science or technology hides structures on the moon. So this holographic technology could be the one that covers them. The first visits to the Moon probably took place thanks to the antigravity device of Tesla.

I can not prove it of course, otherwise I would already be dead. I can not show you a picture of the USS Enterprise out there now. That’s just the logical thing to know about the technology that was acquired after the US government pumped billions of dollars into all of Tesla’s research, “says Lear.

In Lear’s video, you can see some photos taken from an observatory in 1946. They apparently show a great disaster that occurred northwest of the Endymion crater.


He goes on to explain how the Moon was made inside Jupiter 40 million years ago. Apparently, during the last ice age, 15,000 years ago, the trajectory was locked in the orbit of the Earth. Thus, he says, the big cities, the civilizations and the bases on the Moon began to appear.

Lear described the citizens of the moon as humanoid extraterrestrials. He also said that among them there is also the Gray race, but they live under the surface of the Moon, working in huge laboratories.

he says that the Earth is actually a prison planet that serves as a place of punishment. There are millions of other planets like Earth, he said.

John Lear has incredible ideas and claims, so it’s not odd that he’s being joked with rationalists all the time. However, this former CIA pilot was also a former captain of the US Air Force.


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